Our Red Carpet Services

Individual Taxes

Individual Taxes

We believe the key to keeping more of what you make requires proactive tax planning.
Business Taxes

Business Taxes

Business transactions are analyzed to determine the best approach to minimize tax consequence.
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Reduce your tax obligations, reduce fees, management reports for better decision-making, and more.
Health Care


Most people will be required to have health insurance or pay a fee. Will your taxes or refund be impacted?


A Hate-to-Wait Solution

NEVER take off from work or wait in line to file your tax return, again! We're committed to helping you achieve success by providing personalized attention with a passion for service that addresses not only today's needs and concerns but tomorrow's plans as well. Instead of going back to the same old thing (Again!), make an appointment with Hollywood Tax & Financial Service to experience the difference of how good NOT WAITING feels!

Pay NOTHING Out-of-Pocket


Many things are requested of you when you file your tax return, but in our office, up-front payment is NOT one of them. If you're due a refund and it covers your fees, you pay NOTHING; If you have a balance...guess what? We provide options for this, too!

We make certain that your inability to pay out-of-pocket is not a focus and you're not forced to choose between quality, trusted service you'd expect vs. settling for sub-par services elsewhere that may risk compromising the integrity of your tax return and/or personal information.

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