Our Clients

Healthcare & Medical Group Accounting

Healthcare and Medical Group Accounting

Dentist's Office, Doctor's Office, Home Healthcare Agencies, Veterinarian Clinics/Hospitals & Related Medical Providers

Trusted a less than qualified person to handle your books and now their botched-up?

Hollywood Tax & Financial Service can re-sculpt (correct) the heart of your practice so that you can regain Peace of Mind and focus on what's important - Patients & Family!

Individual Clients (by Occupation)

Individual Clients

We're constantly updating or adding to our occupational list, so, if you don't see your occupation listed - don't worry. Our office staff is knowledgeable and experienced in multi-industries that reach far beyond the list below, however, we'd find it quite difficult to list them all but have shared a few to ease your mind of those we currently help.


  • City of Houston Staff
  • Harris County Staff
  • Harris County Precinct Constables
  • Harris County Sherriff Officers
  • METRO Transit Authority Employees
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ)
  • And MORE...


  • Aldine ISD Faculty & Staff
  • Goose Creek ISD Faculty & Staff
  • Higher Education Faculty & Staff
  • Houston ISD Faculty & Staff
  • Humble ISD Faculty & Staff
  • Administrators
  • And MORE...

First Responders

  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • Firefighters
  • Houston Police Department Officers (HPD)
  • Paramedics


  • Nurse & Medical Technicians
  • Bank & Credit Union Employees
  • Retail Employees
  • Restaurant Employees
  • AT&T Employees
  • Comcast/Xfinity Employees
  • Flight Attendants
  • Pilots of Aircraft
  • Security Guards (Including Airport Security)
  • Active Duty Service & Reserve Military Personnel
  • Law Firm Employees - Attorneys, Paralegals, & Admin Staff
  • Administrative & Other Valued Support Personnel
  • And MORE...

Industry Specialty Clients

Industry Specialty Clients

Construction, Real Estate & Property Management Accounting (General Contractors, Developers, HOAs, Home Builders, Sub-Contractors & Skilled Trades)

Hired a less than qualified person to handle your books and now in need of financial foundation repair assistance? Your books should be carefully laid and structurally sound by a professional, like the slab poured on a new project. Hollywood Tax & Financial Service is your Tax & Accounting SOLUTION for repairing the damage and adding organization like an interior designer to a model so that you may regain Peace of Mind and focus on what's important - Business & Family!

Manufacturing & Distribution Accounting

Manufacturing and Distribution Accounting

Did you know that outsourcing your Tax & Accounting Department could dramatically help with cost-saving goals? Hollywood Tax & Financial Service is a professional, U.S. based small business with a passion for fixing financial mechanics in need of repair to meet the bottom line. Let's discuss how we may assist with your goals so that you regain Peace of Mind and focus on what's important - Production, Distribution & Family!

Manufacturing Industry

  • Chemical Manufacturing - Industrial
  • Chemicals
  • Fabricated Metal Parts Manufacturing
  • Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
  • Machine Shops
  • Machine Tool Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Medical Supplies & Devices
  • Tire Manufacturers

Distribution Industry

  • Beer, Wine & Spirits Distributorships
  • Computer & Office Equipment Distributors
  • Food Distributors
  • Medical Equipment Distributors
  • Movies and TV Production & Distribution
  • Music Production & Distribution

Transportation Service, Shipping & Logistics Accounting

Transportation Service, Shipping and Logistics Accounting

Land & Sea Transportation, Shipping & Freight, Deep Sea Divers & Welders, Truck Drivers, & Other Specific Trades

Do your books look like a ship trying to sail on dry land? Hollywood Tax & Financial Service is experience in land and sea rescue missions related to Tax, Accounting & Payroll. We stabilize, monitor and propel your financial throttles, allowing you to regain Peace of Mind and focus on what matters most - Business & Family!

Oil & Gas Accounting

Oil and Gas Accounting

Producers, Operators, Drillers, Explorers, Tankers, & More

Tax, Accounting & Payroll issues drilling a hole in your profit margin?

Hollywood Tax & Financial Service is your financial pipeline of SOLUTIONS. We're a solid and productive firm, based in Houston, TX, that specializes in Tax, Accounting & Payroll services that can quickly assist or support your needs of today, tomorrow and well into the future, allowing you to regain Peace of Mind and focus on what's important - Business & Family!

Small Business Clients (by Industry)

Small Business Clients

Automotive & Performance Industry
Auto Body Shops, Local Small to Mid-Sized Dealers, Mechanic & Tire, Painters & More...

Child Care & Day Care Providers

Franchised Businesses

Insurance Agencies

Professional Services
Attorneys, Doctors, Dentists, Engineers & More...

Real Estate Agents

Restaurant & Bars
Advertising Analysis, Food-costing, Internal Controls, Payroll, Profitability Analysis & Timely Filing of Tax Forms & More...