What to Bring to Your Tax Preparation Appointment7

The following checklist is provided as a courtesy, for reference purposes only. Although much thought and effort have gone into composing this list, information, forms and source documents required for collection and filing are subject to change based on local, state and federal law and regulations. Each taxpayer's situation differs and may require additional forms, documents or information not included within list, below.

What to Bring to Your Tax Preparation Appointment

Personal Information:

  • State Issued Picture ID/DL
  • Copy of last year's FEDERAL and STATE (if applicable) income tax return

Social Security Card for:

  • Taxpayer
  • Spouse
  • Dependents (Child or Adult)
  • Child Care Provider
  • Alimony Recipient

Affordable Care Act Documentation:

  • FORM 1095
  • Insurance Card - Evidence of Insurance Coverage for Taxpayer & Dependents
  • Months Without Insurance Coverage (If Applicable)

Personal Income:

  • Alimony - Total Amount Received
  • 1099-A & 1099-C (Cancellation of Debt)
  • 1099-B Statement (Stock & Brokerage Transactions)
  • 1099-DIV Form (Dividend Income)
  • 1099-G Form (Unemployment Income)
  • 1099-G State & Local Income Tax Refunds
  • 1099-INT & 1099 OID Form (Interest Income)
  • 1099-MSA Form (Distributions from Medical Savings Account)
  • 1099-R Form (Retirement Plan Distribution
  • 1099-SSA Form (Social Security Benefits Statement)
  • Child Care Provider's Name, Address & SSN or EIN
  • Jury Duty Pay Records
  • Last Paycheck Stub Received Within Tax Year
  • IRA or 401(K) Distributions & Contributions
  • W-2 Form(s) (Employment Income)
  • W-2 G Form (Gambling & Lottery Winnings)

Personal Expenses:

  • Alimony - Amount PD($), Recipient's Name & SSN
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Childcare Expenses
  • Employee Business Expenses
  • Employment-Related Moving Expenses
  • FORM 1098-E (Student Loan Interest)
  • FORM 1098-T (Tuition Statement) & Additional Receipts for Higher Education Expenses
  • Investment Expenses
  • Job Hunting Expenses
  • List & Values of Items Donated (Note Method Used for Values)
  • Medical Expenses
  • Tax Return Preparation Fees
  • Wages Paid to Household Employees

Self-Employment Income:

  • FORM 1099-K (Business Income)
  • FORM 1099-MISC (Business Income)
  • FORM 1099-MISC (Rental Property Income)
  • Schedule K & Schedule K-1 (FORM 1065) - Partnership Income

Self-Employment Expense:

  • Bank Statements (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31)
  • Employment & Business Taxes Paid
  • FORM W-3 (Wages PD to EE's)
  • List of Contractors - Name, Address, SSN or EIN & Amount PD to each
  • Taxes - Estimated Payments
  • Mileage Log

Real Estate Expenses:

  • Advertising Expense
  • Energy-Saving Home Improvement Expense
  • Equipment Purchase
  • FORM 1098 (Mortgage Interest)
  • FORM 1099-S (Property Sales Proceeds)
  • HOA Fees
  • Homeowner's Insurance Premium Paid
  • HUD-1 Statement (Refinance or NEW Home Purchase)
  • Legal & Professional Fees
  • Mileage Log
  • Real Estate Taxes Paid (Receipts)
  • Rental & Repair Expenses